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Moving and Storage Supplies

We have everything you need to make your moving experience a success.

The key to a successful move is preparation. This means having plenty of moving supplies in advance, like quality boxes, tape and packing materials. Tape disappears quickly, so remember to have plenty on hand. Using high-quality tape, with excellent adhesive pays off when it comes to keeping your boxes sealed. We offer a full refund on our unused boxes and other unopened supplies.

Supplies & Equipment to Make Your Job Easier

We offer a wide range of products: boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, hand trucks, moving blankets, and more.

We can deliver your supplies along with the storage unit or you can visit our offices in Monticello, IL.

Items for Sale

Boxes Size   Price
Small Box 12"x10"x8" Good for books, CDs, DVDs, video game consoles $1.25
Small-Medium Box 15"x12"x10" Good for dishes, kitchen items, cleaning supplies $1.85
Medium Box 18"x18"x16" Good for photo albums, kitchen utensils, Shoes $??
Large Box 18"x18"x24" Good for clothing, pillows, linens, blankets, lampshades, toys, pots and pans, garage items $4.75
Extra-Large Box 24"x18"x24" Good for bulky odd-shaped items, clothes, pillows, lightweight items $5.25
Wardrobe Box 24"x20"x46" Good for garage items.
*Bar is extra.
Wardrobe Box Bar   Along with wardrobe box, good for shirts, jackets, drapes, bedding $2.95
Additional Items Price
2" Industrial Tape Dispenser $7.95
Tape, 2'x55yds 2mil Clear, Roll $1.75
24'x36' Newsprint Sheets for Packing, 30 Sheets $2.75
5"x1000' 80-gauge bundling tape $6.95
Bubble Wrap  
Foam Pouch, 12"x15", Bag of 5 $3.75
Foam Dish Sheets, 12"x12", Bag of 20 $3.50
Mattress Bag, Single $3.00
Mattress Bag, Double $3.00
Mattress Bag, Queen $4.00
Mattress Bag, King $5.00
Chair Cover, 50" Plastic $2.00
Love Seat Cover, Plastic $3.00
Sofa Cover, Plastic $3.00
Moving Blanket  

Items for Rent

Items Price
Appliance Dolly, 60" x 24", HD-Large Base, Dual Ratcheting Strap $12.95/Day
Furniture Blanket, 72"x80" Deluxe Blanket $4.00 ea/Mo

Buy-Back Program

We offer a full refund for any unused boxes and other unopened supplies.